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The Progress Of Our Students

As a partner with you in helping children and families in Rwanda, it is our privilege to watch the young people in our sponsorship program grow over the years and eventually develop into adults.  This year we have some students from our In Home Program (The Home of Innocence) who have completed their studies and will be moving out of sponsorship to independent living. We celebrate with them this milestone in their lives, and we thank each one of you who have helped this ministry to be a help to them.  The opportunities you have helped to provide have made all the difference to them.  Out of respect for their privacy, we cannot share all of how they came into our program, but we would like to give you a little glimpse into how far God has brought them over these years.


Bigirimana Jean Pierre had polio as a child, resulting in some physical challenges for him.  Before joining our program in 2009, he had been forced to leave his own home and didn’t have any support.  Jean Pierre completed electrical and electronics engineering in May 2022 with an advanced diploma. He is currently working in the plastics industry while applying for a job of his qualification.

Twahirwa Aimable came into our care in 2010 with special needs due to his heart condition. His mother was also sick a lot and his father was not supportive.  Aimable was struggling when he came to us.  He has now completed driving school and he has a part-time job on construction sites. His future plan is to get a driver’s license.

Musoni Celestin was the very first child enrolled in the Ten Talents International sponsorship program in 2008.  He was living on the streets without any family at all.  While in our care he was able to find some of his family members.  He has now completed culinary arts studies. He started working with Marriott hotel in Rwanda last year.

Dukundane Adrien came into our care in 2009, when he was 6 years old.  He has a chronic health condition, and his mom also had a chronic health issue which left her unable to care for him.  He has now completed hairdressing training in 2021 with a certificate and has been doing part-time jobs. He will live with family members, due to his health conditions (which need follow up). He plans to have his own business of selling charcoal (a cooking fuel used widely in Rwanda).

Before he came into our care in 2010, Manzi Alex’s parents had died when he was young, and he was living with a neighbor who was no longer able to care for him.  He has now completed a short course in film production with a certificate, and was taking English lessons before COVID 19. He works seasonal security jobs.  His future plan is to start a business of operating a gym/fitness center or a small shop.


We are so grateful that God has allowed us to be a part of these individual success stories.  What an honor!  Please continue to pray for the success of these young people, and for us to be able to help more children find these opportunities.  If you would like to be a part of blessing a child and blessing the future of a nation, please visit our sponsorship page and sign up!


With Gratitude,

Michael and Lisa McColm

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Year End Review- It’s Not Too Late to Help!

Hello friends,

Thank you for your support this year: each donation you’ve sent in has gone directly to supporting at risk children and families in Rwanda.  As we reflect on 2022, we’d like to give you our own type of “12 Days of Christmas” but this could be called, “The Many Ways You’ve Made a Difference.”

In 2022 your help enabled us to reach:

55 At Risk Students: providing school fees, supplies, medical insurance, food, and other support that enabled them to continue their education while remaining with their families.

19 In Home Youth:  these children and young people would not have a suitable home to live in, if it weren’t for you.  Your support provided everything mentioned above for their education and health, plus a safe place to live, food, and other items needed to sustain a household.

13 College Students: providing for their school fees, supplies, medical insurance, and other needs so they can achieve their dreams.  of these students also graduated this year!

2 Technical School Students: again providing for them so they can gain the skills needed to be able to provide for themselves. These 2 students also graduated this year!

4 In Country Staff:  all that we do is made possible by our staff who take care of the office, meet with families, coordinate with all the different schools each child attends, do bookkeeping and paying of school fees, oversee the children who are In Home, help children write letters to their sponsors, and much more!

There’s still time to give and do more good in 2022!  Your donation today means a child is able to go into 2023 knowing they’re loved and supported.

We wish you all the best in the new year and if you can help us end 2022 strong, we would greatly appreciate it.

God bless you, Michael & Lisa McColm

Click HERE for year-end giving

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A Ten Talents Success Story

Diane was being raised by her mother only, a genocide survivor who had no job. She was able to complete primary, secondary, and advanced school thanks to friends of the family who paid her way, however when it came time to move onto University she had no funding and no one to support her efforts.  She dropped out and gave up hope of finishing her education.  In 2017 she was connected with Ten Talents International and invited to be in their sponsorship program in 2018. This allowed her to resume her studies at Mount Kenya University where she eventually graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (Risk Management and Insurance). She is very thankful to Ten Talents for supporting her and fulfilling her dream to complete her education. She is currently working with SANLAM Insurance and able to support her mother and her younger sister.

Diane is one of many success stories from Ten Talents International and we wanted to share her story with you to show how much difference one person can make in someone’s life.  Because of Diane’s sponsorship the trajectory of her life has been changed and also that of her entire family.

Thank you for supporting at risk youth through Ten Talents!

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Children and Poverty in Rwanda

Did you know that over 45% of Rwanda’s population is children?  38% of children live in poverty and 38% suffer from malnutrition due to not having enough food to eat.  Rwanda has overcome so many obstacles since the horrific genocide of 1994 which wiped out nearly 1 million of its citizens and sent the country into collapse.

Ten Talents started in 2002 when our founders saw firsthand the devastation that the genocide caused and the impact it had specifically on the children of Rwanda.  We opened our first children’s home in 2004 and since then have served over 30,000 meals and now have almost 100 sponsored children in our program. We not only provide meals, housing, resources, and education help, but we also spread the gospel and show families how much God loves them. 
Here are a few ways you can help us spread HOPE and God’s love to the people of Rwanda-
Sponsorships– We have three areas of sponsorship, At Risk Sponsorship, In Home Sponsorship, and Technical Training/College Volunteer Sponsorship. You can learn more about each of those types of sponsorships right here on our webpage.  We will also be highlighting each one in a series of blog and social media posts in the future so be on the lookout for them!
Volunteer Teams- Ten Talent’s short-term volunteer teams happen through-out the year and focus on serving both sponsored and unsponsored children in our programs, sponsorship families, and other partner ministries around Rwanda. Please email us if you’d like more information about volunteering- [email protected]gmail.com
Prayer- Please be praying not only for our ministry but also for the children and families we serve! Pray for lives to be changed through Jesus Christ and for peace and hope in their lives.  Pray for healing of their bodies, hearts, minds, and finances.  Pray for their future and that through their lives, many others will come to know Christ. “Prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.” John Piper
Share- You can find us both on Instagram @tentalentsint and on Facebook at Ten Talents International. When you share our posts, comment on our reels, and take the time to interact with our social media platforms, it tells Instagram and Facebook that more people want to see us and their algorithm pushes our content out to more people. It means the world to us when you share our ministry!
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Center Days are Back!

Center days have started back again for the students in our program in Kigali. The students who are a part of our Ten Talents International program come to our local office with their parents or guardians and participate in, what is essentially, a group check-in day. The staff can meet with the families and/or students, provide direction, and answer any questions the student might have. This is a time when students, families, and staff get to know one another better and can share experiences with each other. There is also a time for sharing of God’s word and teaching of the bible. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the center days were the first and second Saturday each month and we’re so glad that these days have started again!
During the first center day at the beginning of August, the students learned about Psalm 146 1-10 as Mama Ishimwe led the bible preaching. When that was over they were able to spend some time in prayer for fellow parents who had lost a spouse. One of the newer students mother’s said this time was unlike anything else she had participated in during her previous NGO (Non-Governmental Organization… which are organizations like Ten Talents who help struggling families). It’s so important to us that our students know God and we love that this time can be a blessing to so many families.

After their prayer and bible time, they spoke about things relating to the students like school fee payments, health insurance, rent issues, and anything else that they might have questions about. Many of the families and students expressed eagerness to see the US team again and the parents shared appreciation for food support during Covid-19 and other programs that supported their children’s educations.

Thank you for supporting these students and their families, because of you days like this can happen and students can not only feel comfortable with the upcoming school year but also find fellowship with other families and hear the hope of Jesus Christ and his love for them.



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Sponsorship updates have been sent! Did you get yours?

We still have children and young people who are unsponsored. Have you wanted to make a difference in someone’s life, but weren’t sure how? Your sponsorship directly connects you to a student in Rwanda. These young people are receiving school fees, educational supplies, medical care, and more; in the hopes of providing a better life for their family and their future. Visit our website to see waiting children!

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Do you shop on Amazon? Follow this link to have Amazon donate part of your purchases!

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We all need some good news!

We recently sent out a newsletter with some good news about recent graduates.  It is so wonderful to see these young people defy the odds and grasp the opportunities in front of them.  If you didn’t receive it, you can read more about it by clicking here.

Its all because of you and people just like you, who give and link arms with people they may never met.  This is true religion and we are so blessed to be a part of it.

God Bless You,


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Gifts of Joy!

If you are within driving distance to Vancouver, Washington, we would love to have you come to our event happening on December 1st. We are calling it Gifts of Joy! Our Christmas volunteer team will have just returned from Rwanda and will provide us with an update on the work going on there. We will also have available our “virtual gift” catalog which will provide you with an opportunity to give life changing gifts in honor of someone in your life, or for yourself. Please visit our event page on Facebook (here) to find out more and to let us know you are coming.

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Christmas Volunteer Team in Rwanda

Our annual Christmas party volunteer team is working hard in Rwanda right now. They have actually been working hard for months leading up to this trip: collecting donated supplies and gifts, keeping inventory, making plans and preparations. We are so thankful for all of their hard work which will mean hundreds of children in Rwanda will get an extra special holiday this year. Our team will host parties for all of the children in our sponsorship program, all of the children in both our boy’s and girl’s homes, and will also provide a party for the children of a separate organization that provides a home and education for former street children. In addition to all of this, they have already hosted a conference for the parents of the children in our sponsorship program, and they will also work with our college volunteers and staff as well. All this adds up to a very busy week for them, but one that is full of joy! We are so thankful to be able to provide this for the children and families that we work with, and those who are on the team always report what a gift it is to them to be a part of this.

We look forward to hearing more from the team members at our event on December 1st.

God Bless You,


Young ladies in our Home of Purpose greet the visiting team.


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