Did you know that over 45% of Rwanda’s population is children?  38% of children live in poverty and 38% suffer from malnutrition due to not having enough food to eat.  Rwanda has overcome so many obstacles since the horrific genocide of 1994 which wiped out nearly 1 million of its citizens and sent the country into collapse.

Ten Talents started in 2002 when our founders saw firsthand the devastation that the genocide caused and the impact it had specifically on the children of Rwanda.  We opened our first children’s home in 2004 and since then have served over 30,000 meals and now have almost 100 sponsored children in our program. We not only provide meals, housing, resources, and education help, but we also spread the gospel and show families how much God loves them. 
Here are a few ways you can help us spread HOPE and God’s love to the people of Rwanda-
Sponsorships– We have three areas of sponsorship, At Risk Sponsorship, In Home Sponsorship, and Technical Training/College Volunteer Sponsorship. You can learn more about each of those types of sponsorships right here on our webpage.  We will also be highlighting each one in a series of blog and social media posts in the future so be on the lookout for them!
Volunteer Teams- Ten Talent’s short-term volunteer teams happen through-out the year and focus on serving both sponsored and unsponsored children in our programs, sponsorship families, and other partner ministries around Rwanda. Please email us if you’d like more information about volunteering- tentalentsint@gmail.com
Prayer- Please be praying not only for our ministry but also for the children and families we serve! Pray for lives to be changed through Jesus Christ and for peace and hope in their lives.  Pray for healing of their bodies, hearts, minds, and finances.  Pray for their future and that through their lives, many others will come to know Christ. “Prayer causes things to happen that wouldn’t happen if you didn’t pray.” John Piper
Share- You can find us both on Instagram @tentalentsint and on Facebook at Ten Talents International. When you share our posts, comment on our reels, and take the time to interact with our social media platforms, it tells Instagram and Facebook that more people want to see us and their algorithm pushes our content out to more people. It means the world to us when you share our ministry!