Diane was being raised by her mother only, a genocide survivor who had no job. She was able to complete primary, secondary, and advanced school thanks to friends of the family who paid her way, however when it came time to move onto University she had no funding and no one to support her efforts.  She dropped out and gave up hope of finishing her education.  In 2017 she was connected with Ten Talents International and invited to be in their sponsorship program in 2018. This allowed her to resume her studies at Mount Kenya University where she eventually graduated in 2021 with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management (Risk Management and Insurance). She is very thankful to Ten Talents for supporting her and fulfilling her dream to complete her education. She is currently working with SANLAM Insurance and able to support her mother and her younger sister.

Diane is one of many success stories from Ten Talents International and we wanted to share her story with you to show how much difference one person can make in someone’s life.  Because of Diane’s sponsorship the trajectory of her life has been changed and also that of her entire family.

Thank you for supporting at risk youth through Ten Talents!