Center days have started back again for the students in our program in Kigali. The students who are a part of our Ten Talents International program come to our local office with their parents or guardians and participate in, what is essentially, a group check-in day. The staff can meet with the families and/or students, provide direction, and answer any questions the student might have. This is a time when students, families, and staff get to know one another better and can share experiences with each other. There is also a time for sharing of God’s word and teaching of the bible. Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic, the center days were the first and second Saturday each month and we’re so glad that these days have started again!
During the first center day at the beginning of August, the students learned about Psalm 146 1-10 as Mama Ishimwe led the bible preaching. When that was over they were able to spend some time in prayer for fellow parents who had lost a spouse. One of the newer students mother’s said this time was unlike anything else she had participated in during her previous NGO (Non-Governmental Organization… which are organizations like Ten Talents who help struggling families). It’s so important to us that our students know God and we love that this time can be a blessing to so many families.

After their prayer and bible time, they spoke about things relating to the students like school fee payments, health insurance, rent issues, and anything else that they might have questions about. Many of the families and students expressed eagerness to see the US team again and the parents shared appreciation for food support during Covid-19 and other programs that supported their children’s educations.

Thank you for supporting these students and their families, because of you days like this can happen and students can not only feel comfortable with the upcoming school year but also find fellowship with other families and hear the hope of Jesus Christ and his love for them.