Hello friends,

Thank you for your support this year: each donation you’ve sent in has gone directly to supporting at risk children and families in Rwanda.  As we reflect on 2022, we’d like to give you our own type of “12 Days of Christmas” but this could be called, “The Many Ways You’ve Made a Difference.”

In 2022 your help enabled us to reach:

55 At Risk Students: providing school fees, supplies, medical insurance, food, and other support that enabled them to continue their education while remaining with their families.

19 In Home Youth:  these children and young people would not have a suitable home to live in, if it weren’t for you.  Your support provided everything mentioned above for their education and health, plus a safe place to live, food, and other items needed to sustain a household.

13 College Students: providing for their school fees, supplies, medical insurance, and other needs so they can achieve their dreams.  of these students also graduated this year!

2 Technical School Students: again providing for them so they can gain the skills needed to be able to provide for themselves. These 2 students also graduated this year!

4 In Country Staff:  all that we do is made possible by our staff who take care of the office, meet with families, coordinate with all the different schools each child attends, do bookkeeping and paying of school fees, oversee the children who are In Home, help children write letters to their sponsors, and much more!

There’s still time to give and do more good in 2022!  Your donation today means a child is able to go into 2023 knowing they’re loved and supported.

We wish you all the best in the new year and if you can help us end 2022 strong, we would greatly appreciate it.

God bless you, Michael & Lisa McColm

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