The Home of Innocence is a transitional home for children who have lived or spent much of their time on the streets of Kigali. The children spend 6 months to one year in the home and receive medical care, love, prayer, counseling, schooling, and are prepared for life in a permanent family. At the same time as we are ministering to these children we look for either the child’s existing family or a new family to adopt them. In most cases we provide love, prayer, counseling, and training to the parents at the same time as we are ministering to the children in the home. After the adoption is complete, we continue to provide support as needed to insure these new families succeed in every way. We currently have 13 children in the home and room for 5 more. This home allows us to continue to do all that we can to work towards our goal of someday seeing that, in Rwanda, every child has a home.

The story behind the name?

One of the first children brought into the Kanombe Children’s Home was named Innocent. Like many of the children on the streets Innocent was sick. After being in the home a little while he became very sick and we had to take him to the hospital. Unfortunately Innocent did not recover. But we praise God that Innocent died in a hospital bed knowing that he had a family that loved him, knowing that his heavenly father was waiting for him and that he would be missed. That was a tough few weeks while Innocent was sick, and a very tough day when he died, but when I think of the alternative, the what if we had not started the Kanombe Children’s Home? I rejoice that we obeyed the calling of God. I know that if we had not, Innocent would have died on the street with no one knowing his name or caring that he lived or died. He would not have known that he had a heavenly father that loved him and a savior that died for him. He would not have had a family that would miss him and believe me when I say that we do.