Do You Believe in Prayer?

Right now we are seeing one thing happen after another, and we need people to be praying and standing with us against this attack of the enemy!

In my last blog post on Sunday, I told you about the three new children that we have added to the Home of Purpose (girl’s home) and Home of Innocence (boy’s home).  Shortly after I posted that I found out that Anneti (11 year old girl) had been injured very badly and I put out a quick plea on our facebook page for people to pray for her.

Another teenage girl in the Home of Purpose, Gaudance, who came into the Home in December when she was pregnant, has suffered a miscarriage.

In addition to all this, the “uncle” who lives at the Home of Innocence and takes care of the boys has been in an accident and his arm has been hurt very badly.  We don’t know many details of all this, but it does not sound good.

It does seem as though the enemy is waging an attack against the ministry.  Please be covering the ministry with your prayers and we know that as you pray God will dispatch angels to push back the powers of darkness which seek to rise up against what God desires to do in Rwanda.

Be praying for the ministry leadership in Rwanda, uncle Kimoto, mama Amani, Sanyu, Juliette, Julius, Coach (Gabi).  Please also be praying for our daughter Kelly as she is there right now and trying to help with all of these hardships as much as she can.  Pray for God to cover and protect them all, to give them grace, wisdom, peace and strength.

Pray for healing for Anneti, Gaudance, and Kimoto.

Pray for the children in our programs: In Home, At Risk, College Volunteers and Technical Training.  Pray for their protection, God’s grace to be upon their lives, and for their steps to be ordered of the Lord.  Pray the enemy would not be able to trap them or trip them up.

Pray specifically for the Home of Innocence and Home of Purpose.  That those Homes would be places of safety, healing, peace, protection, and hope.

Pray for our work in Rwanda, as we are still waiting for the required responses in order to be able to move forward with the development of the HOPE project property.

Lastly, please pray for us, Mike & Lisa and Erica.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, give us grace, wisdom and knowledge in every decision that we make.

Thank you,


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Opportunities to Help

Recently, a mother whose children have been in our “At Risk” program had to abruptly leave the country to take care of family matters in Uganda.  She was unable to bring her children with her and left them with the neighbor, who ended up bringing them to the Ten Talents office.  These 3 children: Robert, Gloriose, and Anneti (ages 9, 11, and 13) have been brought into the Home of Innocence and the Home of Purpose until they can be reunited with their mother.  We are hopeful that the mother will return for her children, but in the mean time the ministry has extra expenses due to providing additional care for these children.

The total for the additional needs is $675.  The children only had the clothes on their backs when they were brought to Ten Talents, so we bought them new clothes and personal supplies ($275).  We also had to buy another set of bunk beds to make a space for the children ($450).  Perhaps you can make a donation to help offset the cost of one or more of these items? Please visit our giving page and in the “notes” section of your donations you can write “3 new children”.

This is the youngest, Robert. He also needs a sponsor.

In addition to the expenses from adding these children to our care, the Home of Innocence is in need of some repairs.  I’m sure you can imagine that when you have 14 active boys living in one home, there is going to be some normal wear and tear!  The home is in need of some painting, a few beds need repaired, and other projects.  The cost for the repairs is $375.  If you can help with this need, please visit our giving page, and in the notes of your gift you can say “repairs”.

Please pray for Robert, Gloriose, and Anneti, for this transitional time for them and that their mother would be able to return soon. We want to keep all of the children in the Home of Innocence and Home of Purpose in our prayers as we believe God to do miracles in their lives and change their futures!

God Bless You,


P.S.  remember, if you shop on Amazon they will donate .5% with every purchase you make if you go through and select Ten Talents International as your designated charity!  Here is a link to get you started.

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You Can Shop and Donate at the Same Time!

Amazon has a new program under the website It is the exact same website (same products and prices) as  If you have prime membership or items in your cart, it’s all there too.  However if you go through it means that  Amazon will donate 0.5% of every purchase you make to Ten Talents International!  (Click on the links I have provided in this post & you should be automatically signed up to support Ten Talents.)

So add a smile to your amazon shopping & bring smiles to children in Rwanda too- isn’t that great! Spread the word!

God Bless You,

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Amazing News!

One of the boys who lives in the Home of Innocence was sent to us because of a request made by the heart doctor at the local hospital.  The doctor knows about Ten Talents because of his experience with Benjamin (who had a heart operation in 2010).  Not too long after Benjamin’s surgery, the doctor asked if we could take in another boy with a heart condition that was not curable by operation, but was debilitating to the point that the boys family saw him as only a burden and they actually told him they wished he would just die so they did not have to care for him.  He had tried to kill himself more than once. When we were introduced to him we were told by the cardiologist (at the best hospital in Rwanda) that this boy would have to take medication for the rest of his life.

We have now received a new report from this very same cardiologist.  It says that after 3 months of taking no medication (at the Dr.’s request) it is confirmed that the boy has been healed!
His heart is functioning normally, he no longer has to take medication, and he is free to do anything he wants!  This is a heart that has been changed both spiritually and now physically as well.
Praise God with us- this is amazing and wonderful news!
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Needs Met!

A donation  has already been received to cover the immediate needs for the Home of Purpose.  We will be able to have our staff proceed with these improvements and make life just a little better for these girls.  Thank you!  If you would still like to give towards the HOPE Project construction, please read more about it here, or you can visit the giving page of our website here.

God Bless You!


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Needs for the Home of Purpose

This morning I believe I found a great theme verse for the Home of Purpose.  It is 2nd Thessalonians 1:11-12, and this is how it reads in my NIV study Bible:

With this in mind, we constantly pray for you, that our God may count you worthy of his calling, and that by his power he may fulfill every good purpose of yours and every act prompted by your faith.  We pray this so that the name of our Lord Jesus may be glorified in you, and you in him, according to the grace of our God and the Lord Jesus Christ.

We do pray together for the girls in the Home of Purpose, that God would fulfill all of the good thoughts he has towards them, because we know they are more numerous!

There are some needs that the Home of Purpose has right now, that we would like to share with you, in case you would like to do something practical to help!

Need:  Gutters for a water collection system
Description: Currently at the Home of Purpose, they do not have running water. The girls have to fetch water which is very time consuming. The do have a large water storage tank, but they need gutters on the buildings to funnel the rain water into the tank. These gutters will save them a lot of valuable time, so they can focus on school work instead.
Cost: $500

Need: Installation & curtains for the windows
Description: The girls need privacy; curtains would help.
Cost: $350
Need: New seat cushions
Description: We bought used living room furniture for the Home of Purpose; the cushions need to be replaced.

Maybe you can help meet one of these needs for the girls?  Even if you are not able to donate the full amount, any amount towards these items would be a blessing.  Please visit our giving page and under the One Time Donation you can select Home of Purpose from the drop down menu, or if you would like to give by check you may mail donations to our office.  Just indicate “Home of Purpose” in the memo area.

Thank you for praying with us & believing with us for God’s great purposes for these girls, and thank you to those of you who can help make their home a little more comfortable and useful.  We look forward to sharing with you great stories of victories from these girls’ lives!

God Bless You,


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Christmas Time!

You may be packing up the tree and decorations soon, but we have 15 team members who were packing their suitcases and are now on their way to Rwanda to celebrate Christmas there!  This team, going through All God’s Children International, will meet up with Mike & Kelly who are already there waiting for them.

During their 10 days in Rwanda this team will put on 6 different Christmas parties!  They will have one for all the children and their parents who are sponsored, one for the unsponsored (waiting) children, one for the Home of Purpose and Home of Innocence, one at a project for former street children, one for the disabled orphanage, and another one for the largest orphanage in Rwanda.  This team will literally be touching the lives of hundreds, AND HUNDREDS of children and families!

Please pray for a safe journey for them and all of the donations they are bringing with them.  Pray for strength, health, and grace for the team while they are in Rwanda.  Pray for them to work well together and that God would go before them to help every detail of this trip come together smoothly.  Pray for Mike as he leads with wisdom and discernment.  Most of all, pray for the light of Christmas- JESUS- to shine through them in all they do!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!


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The HOPE Project

Our new property has been named! The HOPE Project. HOPE stands for: Housing, Opportunity, Purpose, and Education. The HOPE Project will include a home for girls called the “Home of Purpose”. It is our desire that this home will provide an opportunity for girls who have no one else to care for them. A place for them to be loved, heal, and to find God’s purpose for their lives. Be watching your mailbox for a special letter about The HOPE Project at the end of this month!

The need for a home for young girls is RIGHT NOW. In fact, for a long time now we have known of several girls who needed a place just like this. A kind supporter has provided a temporary home for these girls for the next year, until construction of the Home of Purpose can be completed on The HOPE Project property. This week we are already moving girls in to this temporary home! Very exciting to see this begin to take place and we praise God for his provision!

Please be praying for these girls to come together and form a family unit here at their new home. Pray for this home to be a safe and healing place where the girls can live their full potential.

God Bless You,


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Noel orphanage donations

In December my daughter Kelly is planning on being in Rwanda, and including a visit to the Noel orphanage.  We have taken teams to Noel in the past and worked with the children there.  She would like to bring donations for the toddler room.  Among the needs they have at the orphanage, she is hoping to bring them these items:  crib sheets and cloth diapers.  These items are not easy to find in Rwanda, so she would like to bring them with her when she comes.

If you would like to donate towards this, you may do so through our website giving page and put in the notes what the donation is for.  Or, if you would like to purchase the items yourself and send them, you may mail them to our office.

We welcome your involvement in this project!  Noel is a great orphanage whose heart is to help children.

God Bless You,


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