Our Christmas Party team is on the ground in Rwanda! It’s been a bit of an adventure for some of them (founder Mike & daughter Kelly who got stuck in Amsterdam) but they’ve made it & hit the ground running! Please pray for God to go before them & bless their activities this week & enable them to accomplish all HE desires! Here are some updates from a couple team members (please read, especially if you are a sponsor!)

From a Texas team member & return visitor to Rwanda: We arrived in Rwanda last night although our luggage did not. It should be here tonight along with Mike and Kelly McColm. They shut the airplane doors right before Mike and Kelly got to the gate for the flight to Kigali and our luggage missed the flight as our flight to Amsterdam was over two hours late. We actually thought we had missed our flight but I saw a sign that said the gate was closing and we all four ran the length of the gate and made the flight with time to spare.

We visited the Home of Purpose and the Home of Innocence today and the kids were all so excited to see us. It was so good to see all of them and get to talk with them and their caretakers. They sang and danced for us and we had so much fun we all joined in the dancing.


It was such a blessing to see Flamine, Jane, Frank, Alex and all of the kids. They have all grown up so much over the past seven years and they all looked so good. Thanks so much to their sponsors and the caretakers in Rwanda, they do such an outstanding job.

It was also exciting to meet Maggie and Emily, our two new mission trip members. Maggie went to Rwanda last year and had visited HOP and HOI before.

The parties for the HOP and HOI are tomorrow so we have a lot of work tonight and tomorrow morning. We should be picking up about 17 pieces of luggage at the airport along with Mike and Kelly.


From a Portland team member and return visitor to Rwanda: It’s been an amazing day. We went to Ten Talents Home of Purpose and Home of Innocence. There is such an overwhelming feeling of love seeing these beautiful people again. Their gift of thanks by singing and dancing made me smile, clap and yes, we got up and danced too. Sponsors out there, you make a difference and we saw it first hand. They were so proud to tell us of their advancements in school, how happy they are and that TTI has made a difference in their lives. It’s a beautiful day!