We are so thankful that all our teammates arrived on time along with all their luggage (so much luggage- we are thankful for all the donations)!  They are part way into their trip already, here are some highlights so far:

Day 1: The team hosted a party for Home of Innocence and Home of Purpose. We have some very talented students who honored our team with dances, songs and a poem. The party also included games and giving them their backpacks, shoes, clothes and good food!

Some of the boys from the Home of Innocence showing their skills in traditional Rwandan dancing.

Day 2:  Church service in the morning and then time spent with the girls at the Home of Purpose.  The girls all shared how they were doing in school, and we are so proud  of them.  The day also included gifts and a craft project of sponsor thank you notes.

Our team with the beautiful young women of the Home of Purpose.

Day 3:  We hosted a conference for the parents of the children in the At Risk program. Mike, Jordan and Kelly spoke about the purpose of Ten Talents, what they can and cannot do for the kids and their family. Kelly gave a great talk on parenting, tips on supporting their children and encouraging them to tell and show their children love. Larry and I gave a sponsors prospective on what it means to us hearing from and about our children. We had a Q&A at the end and many parents spoke.


Our team member adds:  My thought after that continues to be WE NEED MORE SPONSORS!!! My heart aches and I wish I could afford to help them all. At the Q&A it was clear there are many more who want the opportunity to go to school but we currently have a waiting list for children to be added to the program…today it got longer. Mike and his team have done a wonderful thing here but they can’t do it without the support of others.

Thank you for continuing to pray for our team, those in Rwanda, and for more sponsors.  Our students have also asked we pray for them this week as everyone who is in grade 6, 9, or 12 has to take national exams which will determine where they continue their schooling (score well, you attend good schools, score poorly, not so much…)

God bless you!