Recently, a mother whose children have been in our “At Risk” program had to abruptly leave the country to take care of family matters in Uganda.  She was unable to bring her children with her and left them with the neighbor, who ended up bringing them to the Ten Talents office.  These 3 children: Robert, Gloriose, and Anneti (ages 9, 11, and 13) have been brought into the Home of Innocence and the Home of Purpose until they can be reunited with their mother.  We are hopeful that the mother will return for her children, but in the mean time the ministry has extra expenses due to providing additional care for these children.

The total for the additional needs is $675.  The children only had the clothes on their backs when they were brought to Ten Talents, so we bought them new clothes and personal supplies ($275).  We also had to buy another set of bunk beds to make a space for the children ($450).  Perhaps you can make a donation to help offset the cost of one or more of these items? Please visit our giving page and in the “notes” section of your donations you can write “3 new children”.

This is the youngest, Robert. He also needs a sponsor.

In addition to the expenses from adding these children to our care, the Home of Innocence is in need of some repairs.  I’m sure you can imagine that when you have 14 active boys living in one home, there is going to be some normal wear and tear!  The home is in need of some painting, a few beds need repaired, and other projects.  The cost for the repairs is $375.  If you can help with this need, please visit our giving page, and in the notes of your gift you can say “repairs”.

Please pray for Robert, Gloriose, and Anneti, for this transitional time for them and that their mother would be able to return soon. We want to keep all of the children in the Home of Innocence and Home of Purpose in our prayers as we believe God to do miracles in their lives and change their futures!

God Bless You,


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