Right now we are seeing one thing happen after another, and we need people to be praying and standing with us against this attack of the enemy!

In my last blog post on Sunday, I told you about the three new children that we have added to the Home of Purpose (girl’s home) and Home of Innocence (boy’s home).  Shortly after I posted that I found out that Anneti (11 year old girl) had been injured very badly and I put out a quick plea on our facebook page for people to pray for her.

Another teenage girl in the Home of Purpose, Gaudance, who came into the Home in December when she was pregnant, has suffered a miscarriage.

In addition to all this, the “uncle” who lives at the Home of Innocence and takes care of the boys has been in an accident and his arm has been hurt very badly.  We don’t know many details of all this, but it does not sound good.

It does seem as though the enemy is waging an attack against the ministry.  Please be covering the ministry with your prayers and we know that as you pray God will dispatch angels to push back the powers of darkness which seek to rise up against what God desires to do in Rwanda.

Be praying for the ministry leadership in Rwanda, uncle Kimoto, mama Amani, Sanyu, Juliette, Julius, Coach (Gabi).  Please also be praying for our daughter Kelly as she is there right now and trying to help with all of these hardships as much as she can.  Pray for God to cover and protect them all, to give them grace, wisdom, peace and strength.

Pray for healing for Anneti, Gaudance, and Kimoto.

Pray for the children in our programs: In Home, At Risk, College Volunteers and Technical Training.  Pray for their protection, God’s grace to be upon their lives, and for their steps to be ordered of the Lord.  Pray the enemy would not be able to trap them or trip them up.

Pray specifically for the Home of Innocence and Home of Purpose.  That those Homes would be places of safety, healing, peace, protection, and hope.

Pray for our work in Rwanda, as we are still waiting for the required responses in order to be able to move forward with the development of the HOPE project property.

Lastly, please pray for us, Mike & Lisa and Erica.  Pray for the Holy Spirit to guide us, give us grace, wisdom and knowledge in every decision that we make.

Thank you,