Jean Pierre is a sweet boy who loves to help out and enjoys school.  However, when he was little he suffered from polio and the result of that is a disfigurement in his leg which causes him to be slightly hunched over and limp.  In 2009, when he was 17 years old, he was forced from his home because his stepfather did not want him around any longer.  He tried to live on his own for a while, but without enough resources it was very difficult for him.  We brought him into the Home of Innocence and he is able to attend boarding school when school is in session.  The last few months Jean Pierre has been in severe pain, to the point where he has not even been able to attend school.  The doctors have informed us that Jean Pierre needs surgery, and it has been scheduled for this week, August 13th.  The cost of the surgery is $2000.   Jean Pierre is also currently without a sponsor.  Please pray for Jean Pierre’s surgery to be successful as well as for him to receive a sponsor.  Please also consider donating to help out with the costs of this young man’s surgery, and or sponsoring him for $105/month.  You may view Jean Pierre’s profile by the link below.

IH008 JeanPierre

Thank you & God Bless You,