A family of 5 in a tiny two room house. The floor is packed dirt. The entire family shares a single foam mattress that is no longer new and can’t help but be dirty. It doesn’t provide much comfort, but when the more pressing matters are finding enough money for food each day, there is no other choice.

Most of us will go to sleep tonight without a second thought to the mattress we sleep on. You may have no idea what a beautiful blessing it would be to a child to receive a brand new mattress this Christmas. It is not elegant, and it doesn’t require batteries, but the joy on their faces will be beyond what you would expect from any toy.

In November, Ten Talents will be putting on an early Christmas party for the children in our program. We would love to be able to give children the gift of a comfortable night’s sleep. We want to buy a new mattress for as many children as possible. We would also like to give them a sack of rice, a sack of beans, and cooking oil (to let them rest easy about their daily provisions for a while).

It may be early to be thinking about Christmas, but the lyrics to the familiar song Silent Night come to mind, “Sleep in heavenly peace.” Can you give a child the gift of rest this Christmas? The cost of providing a foam mattress and food for each child in our program will cost $12,000. So far we have raised $900 and we will use any and all funds that come in to bless as many children as possible. You can be a part of this blessing, give today!

You can designate your gift under “Christmas Party” and if you are able to add a memo that says “mattresses” that would be great- but as long as you put it under Christmas party we will know what its for. ┬áThank you for partnering with us to bring more joy and more hope to the beautiful country of Rwanda.

God Bless You,