In 2006, when he was 10 years old, Cyprian was fortunate enough to have a surgery which saved his life. A non-profit organization enabled him to have heart valve replacement surgery in India. After the surgery there were medications and medical care which were required in order to keep Cyprian’s health where it needed to be. It overwhelmed his parents and the doctor who was treating Cyprian feared the boy might not survive if he didn’t receive proper care. Cyprian’s doctor knew about Ten Talents International because he was the same heart doctor who was treating Benjamin (one of our students who received a heart valve replacement also). The doctor asked us if we could bring Cyprian into the Home of Innocence. We hesitated because Cyprian did have a family; however, we realized this child’s life was in danger and if we didn’t help him he might not make it.  We brought him into the Home of Innocence and he has been thriving ever since.

Cyprian in December 2015

On May 24th of this year; however, we received some distressing news.  Cyprian had fainted and when our staff took him to the hospital it was discovered that he had suffered a significant stroke.  Although he was conscious, he was unable to speak or move one side of his body.  The doctors estimated he would spend up to 6 months in the hospital.  This was very distressing for our staff, his brothers in the Home, and us here as well.

Cyprian shortly after his stroke

We have all been praying for him and believing for God to strengthen him, rebuild him, and heal him completely.  We are encouraged to hear that there has been some progress.  Although he is still unable to speak he is starting to recover some slight feeling on his right side.  It is possible that Cyprian may need another valve replacement surgery as he is now almost 20 years old and the one from when he was 10 may no longer be sufficient.

The costs for Cyprian’s medical care are significant.  In addition the the cost of the hospital care, our staff are visiting him daily and bringing him food and purchasing medicine as needed.  We are committed to doing whatever is needed to help Cyprian, but if you can help pay for Cyprian’s care, please do so on our giving page and in the memo just write “Cyprian”.

Cyprian last Sunday with his brothers from the Home of Innocence

Our boys from the Home of Innocence visit Cyprian regularly, hoping to keep his spirits up. Please join with us in praying for Cyprian’s complete healing.  We would also appreciate your prayers for our staff and students, as this week we also received news of the death of a young man who was like an extended family member to many of us.  We pray for the Holy Spirit to bring comfort to them and strengthen them.

Thank you & bless you,