One of the boys who lives in the Home of Innocence was sent to us because of a request made by the heart doctor at the local hospital.  The doctor knows about Ten Talents because of his experience with Benjamin (who had a heart operation in 2010).  Not too long after Benjamin’s surgery, the doctor asked if we could take in another boy with a heart condition that was not curable by operation, but was debilitating to the point that the boys family saw him as only a burden and they actually told him they wished he would just die so they did not have to care for him.  He had tried to kill himself more than once. When we were introduced to him we were told by the cardiologist (at the best hospital in Rwanda) that this boy would have to take medication for the rest of his life.

We have now received a new report from this very same cardiologist.  It says that after 3 months of taking no medication (at the Dr.’s request) it is confirmed that the boy has been healed!
His heart is functioning normally, he no longer has to take medication, and he is free to do anything he wants!  This is a heart that has been changed both spiritually and now physically as well.
Praise God with us- this is amazing and wonderful news!